Experience a Personal Chef in your home

School, sports, charity work, and the million other things you have to do in a day all adds up to a very busy life. Sometimes the little things become impossible, like having a quiet family dinner, or inviting a few friends over for a meal. Have you often thought of using a caterer but found the cost prohibitive, the quality lacking, the service unreliable, feel the job is too small, or have found it just as much work as doing it yourself.

This is where Amuse Bouche can help. We offer custom catering for events as small as a family dinner, a dinner party with friends, or a larger event for up to 40 people. We can give you back those special occasions, intimate moments, and family gatherings in a delicious, reliable, cost effective way. Experience the benefits of a personal chef in your home today!

Is the "home cooked" meal, a thing of the past in your home?

Call me and bring it back to life

  • Customized and Reliable
  • Small and flexible
  • Convenient, only 1 phone call gets you from a wonderful family meal to a gourmet meal for a gathering
  • Short notice, no problem
  • In home pantry assessments and consultation
  • In home cooking lessons from basics to gourmet, want to revamp your cooking skills
  • Seniors meals, consultation with your dietician
  • Restricted diet meals with consultation with your dietician/nutritionist
  • Corporate functions
  • Catering from drop off service to pick up on your way out of town
  • Cottage and chalet meals, convenient and ready for the oven
  • Special occasion packages
  • Menu planning, including meal preparation for the entire family; groceries, preparation and delivery
  • Full service available

No time to plan your meals, shop and prepare? let me do it for you.
-delicious, nutritious and convenient (special needs diets)

Amuse Bouche boasts "Custom" menus, tailored to suit the client´ taste and needs. To create and set a mood, to evoke a theme or simply to nourish, I set out to customize my services in every way possible often times with only one phone call.

With Amuse Bouche
You Benefit!

  • fresh ingredients
  • nourishing meals
  • personable service
  • save your time with no planning, cooking, or cleaning
  • short notice, no problem
  • free consultation
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